Devil on My Shoulder (Single)

by Rone

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Bury me a tyrant, under a stack of lies
after my nine lives, next to my six wives
like henry the eighth and sell ad space on my grave
while i smoke cigarettes outside the heavenly gates
im just an outlaw, peddling psychedelics
shooting his mouth off if you looking angelic
im quick with a catcall, slow to get jealous
i could be your down fall with this product that im selling
never had the patience of the students of the game
blessed by my followers, shallow be thy name
paradise in a vile, it's all that they crave
men tie off, seen em take it in vein
product of my environment?
nah there was never product of my environment
until i stepped outside and then i couldn't stop finding it
and one of these is gonna be the sword up in my side
and yeah there's really no denying it

I still got the devil on my shoulder
I still got this devil on my shoulder

trap music, nah, this is bear trap music
snap your leg and don't attach your air max to it
but their rap music is bare ass putrid
prison rape anthems they bare back to it
stripper shit: stuff i say to get a rise out of you
i wasn't born, no, i had to climb out the womb
i ripped the docs heart and lungs through a slit in his jugular
said "fuck science" and i turned to a juggler
we all wanna be gods but nobody wanna be jesus
take a shit, frame it, and they call you a genius
we want nothing but power, that's master cards, visas
american express, wells fargo be my keeper
money on my mind and my mind on my manners
advice on your grammar, word to my grandma
life on front street, i doubt they bout that
they live in a computer, well im shitting on your mouse pad

oh, you rockstars now?
cool cool cool cool
you think it's all played out?
cool cool cool cool
you're on your grown man tip?
cool cool cool cool
you're so above this shit?
cool cool cool cool

i'm still about the tails that i'm chasing
flip em for some head i'ma set their hearts racing
ordering desert? i'm still out here tasting
congrats on your marriage and that sentence that your facing
got a girl you're proud of thinking that you came up
well i'm still trying to do some shit that i'm ashamed of
so when i look back and i'm through with the night
if i don't have anxiety i'm not doing it right
showing off in the telly while the cameras are on me
i've been lobbying mami to maybe bob in the lobby
i'm the king but not rodney, i'm high but not bobby
but if whitney was with me you would have to pry her off me
oh you so afraid to get dirt up on your sneaks?
what a waste of the world at your feet
but talk is cheap so i walk the streets
and walk on while they all get rocked to sleep


released October 31, 2014
Lyrics by Adam Ferrone
Produced by Rick Friedrich for The Philadelphia Record Company, LLC
Co-Produced by Charlie Patierno
Artwork by Dewey Saunders
All rights reserved by The Philadelphia Record Company, LLC



all rights reserved


Rone Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Battle Rapper / Recording Artist / Grandma's Favorite Grandson

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